Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sebastien Tellier Plays Muse to Yazbukey

Yaz and Emel Kurhan are the designers behind jewelry line Yazbukey, and the sisters have done an immaculate job of maintaining the label’s cachet for almost 10 years. The latest collection is up on the Yazbukey site, with an accompanying foreword anointing kindred Parisian nutjob Sebastien Tellier their muse of the season—or, as the sisters tell it, the love guru of their new bejeweled cult. Tellier gets reincarnated in glittering plexiglass for fall 2009, images of which we spotted yesterday on Cool Hunting. The pieces are stunningly accurate in their likeness, but the thought of keeping dear Seb that close to our chests just seems a little much. Far more worship-worthy are these insanely gorgeous rope necklaces—more after the jump.

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