Saturday, August 1, 2009

Objects of Worship: Obama and Tellier Get Strung Up On Necklaces


We've grown used to the Cult of Obama stateside, but sometimes forget that the politico-idol worship can skip across the pond. Paris-based jewelry line Yazbukey's playful fall '10 collection, "Yazbukey Cult," features pendants and brooches fashioned after objects of adoration—and, in a cheeky interpretation of of worship, includes a grinning, vectored image of our Prez 'Bama.The sisters behind Yazbukey put the Big O in the same pop-idol league as their new muse Sébastien Tellier, giving the sunglassed singer a similar, albeit more monotone, tribute in plexiglass. Colette's carrying the pop objets d'art, but don't pit one icon against the other: The Obama necklace is still available, but the Tellier necklace is sold out. Le sigh.

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