Photo: Vincent et Tania for Yazbukey

This is the story. When we fall back into childhood everything comes out, remembrance

materializes and takes the rooted shape of symbols equally superficial and important for the future.

Yazbukey’s enchanted roundabout has taken in its memory the souvenir of a Paris when

her father ambassador took along mother and daughters in the capital of pleasure and luxury.

It’s a stopover to Paris, in a fantasy city with the sweetened colors of An American in Paris

by Vincente Minnelli. A 3D postcard of the life of a little girl with great big souvenirs!

And everything is mixed ! Here’s the list: Daddy’s diplomatic pouch, chocolate chunks

crunched during a picnic in Vincennes, soap bubbles in the golden bath of a four star hotel,

Vogue magazine laid on the pale pink tweed divan, stamps-Ah! Not to forget, letters to send to granny.

The wonderful moments when the parents were receiving guests at the Turkish Embassy,

the champagne flutes, the cigars brought back from a trip in Cuba, a fashion face,

Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel’s 80’s period etc. Clichéd images of a reception of “Monsieur l’Ambassadeur ».

An advertisement that entertained the little girls: Ferrero Rocher.

In that golden descent towards childhood, real-life truth can merge into a distorted

time-line to embellish the elusiveness of a given moment. Never mind.

Just like the Plexiglas jewelry which diffuses the fragrances of a past happiness.

But the souvenir box is reopened. Yazbukey’s creations haven’t forgotten anything of that life.

Stardust memories.

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