Monday, July 30, 2012

Mit Liebe für Instanbul und Paris

Mit Liebe für Instanbul und Paris

Es gibt unzählige Reiseführer, die alle mehr oder weniger dem gleichen Schema folgen. Da stehen die üblichen Sehenswürdigkeiten, Museen, Märkte und Restaurants auf dem Tagesplan. Doch die wirklichen Perlen entdeckt man selten, wenn man keinen Local hat, der einem diese zeigt. Deshalb hat die Künstlerin Emel Kurhan die Reiseführer Emel loves Paris and Istanbul geschrieben und gestaltet. Und die Liebe zu ihrer Arbeit und zur jeweiligen Stadt spürt man richtig. Mehr dazu

Elle-Turkey/August 2012

Thank you Seda Yılmaz

Harper's Bazaar/Turkey-August 2012

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hello my friends
here's a list of the shops where you can purchase my 2 guides
the price is 40 TL and the money will go to different dog shelters

-Robinson bookstore :İstiklal Caddesi no195A Beyoğlu
and also at Salt Galata and Salt Beyoğlu

-Patika Bookstore:
Abdi İpekçi Caddesi,Milli Reasürans pasajı,43/57 G blok Teşvikiye

-Lastik pabuç:Camekan sokak no4 Galata Kuledibi

-Ruj:Tayyareci Suphi sokak no 1 Arnavutkoy

and soon...
-Midnight express:Nişantaşı and Bebek
-Blender:Nişantaşı and İstinye
-Delicatessen Nişantaşı

My book is available at Robinson bookstore

İ'm so happy to announce you that my books are at my favorite bookstore Robinson Crusoe!!

Robinson Bookstore
İstiklâl Caddesi 195A (389) 
Beyoğlu İstanbul 34433 Türkiye 

Telefon +90 212 293 6968

also available at Robinson-Salt Galata and Salt Beyoğlu

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


jotun0.jpgIn Istanbul all week, and while we’re here for one of my dearest friend’s wedding ~ amongst the festivities, it has been hard to figure out what to do and where to go to really get to know Istanbul! Surely there are the usual monuments, museums, bazaars and other must see spots that you find in the touristy guides… then there are the high end luxury shopping sections with brands you can probably find in any major city… and even the Wallpaper guide had a bunch of the same old stuff… but finding resources to share the fun, unexpected in betweens has been surprisingly tough! Even chatting with local friends of the bride, it’s not always easy for people to step back and help direct you to the uniquely different little shops, galleries and spots that they may take for granted…
Thanks to twitter and the internet in general making travel and exploration a smaller world than ever ~ i got the sweetest tweet from the folks at Jotun the other day, which lead to a magical little package arriving on the hotel room bed hours later! Artist, Emel Kurhan, has created a set of guide books (Emel Loves Istanbul and Emel Loves Paris!) that feel like a scrapbook of favorite spots (and why they are loved, which turn to take/door to open for secret spots, etc) leading you into a whole over side of Istanbul! “The 2 Guides are for sale together the price for 2 books is 40TL, the money will be donated to different animal shelters, they come with a ribbon(each has a different color), only 2000 books has been printed and has been numbered by myself!” she says on her site.
So while i still may not get a taste of all facets of Istanbul in this week ~ we’ve done a few cliche tourist things, attended a stunning wedding on the edge of the Bosphorus (and ended up on a boat on it till 4am) with our hand carried NOTlabs photobooth guestbook setup, hidden out at the House Hotel Galatasaray… regardless of what the remaining 3 days hold, this adorable little book is definitely helping fill in more of the blanks! Take a peek inside it as well as a cute video teaser for them on the next page!
Here’s the playful teaser video by video artist Kaan Karacehennem…
So fun to come back to this after a long day all over! jotun1.jpg
Let’s dive into the Istanbul book! jotun4.jpg

Vogue Blog
Vogue Türkiye editörleri yazıyor

Emel Kurhan'ın gözünden İstanbul ve Paris
23 Temmuz 2012 Pazartesi  / 0 Yorum
Emel Kurhan vazgeçemediği şehirleri Paris ve İstanbul için Jotun Boya’yla işbirliği yaparak iki şehir rehberi hazırladı. Sınırlı sayıda üretilen kitaplar (40 TL) bir arada satılıyor, gelirleri ise farklı hayvan barınaklarına bağışlanacak. Bu arada kitaplar için bir de video hazırlanmış. İstanbul ve Paris’i bir de Emel Kurhan’ın gözünden keşfedip bu maceraya tanık olmaya ne dersiniz?

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Lastik Pabuç

My Books will be shortly available at Lastik Pabuc-Galata and Karaköy

Lastik Pabuç:

Camekan Sokak no 4 Galata Kuledibi/İstanbul

More shops to come very soon...
for more info about how to buy my book for international purchase,please send me an email
and we will find a way to send it to you:)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

My book is finally out!!

For the moment you can find my two city guides 
''Emel loves Paris'' and ''Emel loves İstanbul'' at Patika bookstore
more shops to come next week....

The 2 Guides are for sale together
the price for 2 books is 40TL
the money will be donated to different animal shelters 
they come with a ribbon(each has a different color)
only 2000 books has been printed and has been numbered by myself:)

Patika Bookstore
Abdi İpekçi Caddesi no 43-57 Milli Reasurans pasaji
tel:0212 231 1660

The books are sponsored by Jotun

Emel loves Paris and İstanbul

The books are sponsored by Jotun

Friday, July 20, 2012

ta taaaaa!!!

Here's my new video(shot for my new books) made by the most creative video artist 
Kaan Karacehennem and his fabulous crew Franz,Pinar and Murat!!
Thank you all for this lovely video

Sunday, July 15, 2012


my Paris-İstanbul books are almost ready!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012


some of my artworks at my friend's home( Murat)